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We give you the opportunity to display, promote and sell your products alongside ours in our 4500 m2 premises regardless of size and price. Our showroom and yard is located on a major roadway which is the southern entrance to Athens. Our products get tremendous visibility due to the large strip of frontage on the Athen-Corinth National Road. If you would like to stop by or view us on a map to see the benefits of selling your products alongside ours please click this link:

Google Maps – Domicat Showroom

When listing your equipment alongside ours we offer you’re the following advantages:

  1. Display on the main southern road leading into Athens
  2. Promotion of your equipment through electronic and print media
  3. Service, repair and painting onsite
  4. Sales channels through our domestic and international partners
  5. Qualified on-site salesman


If you have questions please feel free to call us to determine the best marking plan available for the promotion of your equipment. In addition to our web presence we collaborate with other sales websites and list products in both domestic and international trade magazines. Together we can market your product for the best possible success.

Just a quick note to those customers who don’t know us yet:

If you are concerned about working with a company in Greece we completely understand. Greece has gone though some difficult times in the past 5 years and we know how difficult it is to put your trust in a company you are not familiar with. We invite you to call or email our partners in both the United States and England to learn more about us. We have been working with two of the biggest bobcat dealers for over 10 years and enjoy a great relationship with them. Listed below is their information:

Bobcat of New York,

Bobcat of London,

Thank you and we look forward to working with you,