RENTALS | Domicat

enoikiaseis-banner-orizontio-rentalsOur company provides both short and long term rentals as well as leasing services. With a large range of machines and attachments we will be able to provide the equipment needed for your particular job.

Our inventory includes Bobcat loaders and diggers, Bobcat attachments, JCB loaders, excavator’s and fork lift, hammers, air compressors, air hammers, asphalt cutters, vibratory plate compactors, genset and rollers. All the machines are in excellent condition but if the occasion should arise that one of the units breaks down we provide 24 hour mobile road service. If the unit is unserviceable we will provide a replacement machine to keep your jobsite up and running.

The lease program we offer can range from one day up to 36 months; further to agreement, as soon as the lease period expires, we offer you the option to purchase the equipment. Our company provides free maintenance to all the leased equipment as well as third-party liability insurance with a Greek Insurance company. Moreover, all of our equipment conforms to the European Directive regarding Construction Machines.

We invite you to visit our office to view our inventory. We will be happy to demonstrate the capabilities and features of all our equipment so that you are both familiar with the machine and are able to inspect it prior to rental or lease.

Driven by our desire for both safety and maximum uptime, we constantly renew and update our fleet to provide you the best rental equipment in the industry.